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A Texas property insurance attorney discusses insurance claim underpayment and what immediate actions to take when a company tries to underpay.

Many property owners know to fight when their insurance claim is denied altogether, or when their claim is delayed for an unreasonable amount of time. But did you know that you should fight back when you believe that the insurance company is underpaying your claim? 

Insurance claim underpayment: one of the most common tricks in the book 

Insurance companies have learned that their policyholders are more likely to make a fuss if they deny valid claims altogether. If they simply underpay claims, though, they can often get away with making more of a profit while their customers get cheated. When insurance companies purposefully underpay, they are acting in bad faith and breaking the law, plain and simple. 

Never assume a claim amount is accurate or final

Far too many property owners take the first offer that their insurance company makes. They are afraid that if they fight, they might not get any money at all. Or they are afraid that, if they fight, their repairs will be delayed, and they will have to live in limbo. Some simply don’t want to cause trouble or extend the process. 

If you accept these inaccurate claim amounts without a fight, you are letting the insurance company break their contract with you, and you are accepting less than you rightfully deserve. Receiving an underpayment may mean not having the funds to repair your property. It also means getting taken advantage of. 

What should you do if you think your insurance company is underpaying your claim? 

If you believe that your property insurance claim is being underpaid, you need to take action now. Consider getting an independent inspection of your property to see if the cost of your damage is comparable to what your insurance company believes. Know that you can reopen a closed claim if you discover that you were underpaid, and consider speaking to a knowledgeable property insurance attorney about your claim.

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