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The Truth about Your Rights from a Property Insurance Claim Attorney: Texas Has a Consumer Bill of Rights

When you're dealing with an insurance company that is giving you the run-around after filing a homeowners’ or renters’ insurance claim, you may feel totally lost and confused. You probably feel like you're at their mercy and you have no rights in the situation. Want to know a secret? You do have rights—the Texas Consumer Bill of Rights says so. 

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) adopted the Bill of Rights and requires insurance companies to provide you with a copy when they issue your homeowners’ insurance or renters’ insurance policy. It does not include all of your rights, nor is it part of your policy, but it does give you an idea of what you're entitled to. Additionally, you still have a responsibility to the insurance company under your policy, and if you don't hold up your end of the bargain, that could affect your rights. 

Under the TDI Consumer Bill of Rights, you:

  • Have the right to call the TDI free of charge to learn more about things like the license status of an insurance company, the financial condition of an insurance company, and any consumer complaints that the insurance company has received
  • Have the right to a toll-free number to call your insurance company free of charge
  • Should not have to deal with any kind of false or deceptive statements from your insurance company
  • Cannot be denied insurance coverage based solely on your credit information
  • Have the right to have an independent inspection of your property by any person authorized by the Commissioner of Insurance to perform inspections

For the full list of rights, you can visit TDI's website if you no longer have the information your insurance company sent you. 

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