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Filing an Insurance Claim After Your Home Has Been Burglarized or Vandalized

When we buy homeowners insurance, we often believe that we are protecting against storms, strong winds, and other natural events. But in truth, each year over two million homes are broken in to or vandalized, causing an average of $2,100 per incident according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Who is responsible for these costs if your home is damaged or your valuables are not recovered?

Filing an Insurance Claim After a Burglary or Vandalism Incident

Most standard homeowners’ insurance policies cover instances of vandalism and burglary—in most circumstances. The best way to understand whether or not your property is covered, and in what circumstances it is covered, is to closely read your insurance policy.

Burglary is defined as any entry onto a property or into a building that involves the intent to carry out a crime. Burglary, also known as breaking and entering, may involve vandalism, robbery, theft, or home invasion.

Vandalism is the act of destruction of property without the permission of the owner. Vandalism covers a wide range of acts, from throwing eggs and putting glue into locks to graffiti, window breaking, and arson.

When Your Vandalism Claim May Be Denied

Your vandalism claim could be denied by your insurance company for a variety of reasons. For example, if the vandalism was due to your gross negligence, they may not pay. They also may not pay if your home was vacant for over 60 days. Your claim will also be denied if you have not paid your insurance premiums.

Our Texas Insurance Claim Attorneys Are Here to Help

At Voss Law Firm, we help property owners get the money they deserve from their insurance companies after a loss event such as vandalism or burglary. If your home has been damaged by vandals or if your valuables have been stolen, you may need assistance with your insurance claim. Call our Dallas insurance claim lawyers today for immediate help: 888-614-7730.

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