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Litigation Is a Necessary Last Resort in Commercial Fire Insurance Claims

Litigation is always an option if the insurance company fails to give fair consideration to your commercial fire claimA number of major fires and disasters have affected people in Texas in the last few years, and individuals and businesses alike want to be responsible in negotiating their insurance claims for the property damage.

When you submit an insurance claim, you may hope for an orderly claims process that will help get your company back on its feet and cover the extensive costs of recovering from fire losses. It’s not an unreasonable expectation, but many business owners have been shocked by the complex problems they’ve run into while negotiating their claims. Attorney Bill Voss knows that, even after years of waiting, many companies are still unable to negotiate a reasonable settlement with the fire insurance company, and their businesses suffer as a result. If alternative dispute resolution has failed or isn’t a good option in your case, it may be time to move on to litigation.

Fire Insurance Claim Denied or Underpaid? Maybe It’s Time for a Last Resort

Although you want to follow the rules and wait your turn, you can’t stand by as your company’s needs get buried in mountains of red tape from the insurance company handling your claim. If you’ve tried every option and still can’t get a fair settlement to cover your company’s claim for fire damage, then it’s time to move on to the last resort. Filing a lawsuit and entering into litigation with the insurance company may be your only option for recouping your commercial losses, and you shouldn’t hesitate to fight for what you deserve. The insurance company can and should be held responsible for denying or underpaying your fire insurance claim in “bad faith.”

While resolving an insurance dispute through litigation can be costly, there are times when it is the only option left for your business—and it’s important that you take advantage of your rights. Especially in large-loss fire insurance claims, the additional cost and hassle of litigation is often offset by the relief of getting the benefits of the coverage you pay for and being able to move on with needed recovery and replacement efforts. If you are unsure if insurance litigation is the right choice for your company’s fire recovery, or if you want to avoid potential disputes before they happen, we strongly recommend you discuss your concerns with an experienced policyholder advocate.

Talk With an Attorney About Insurance Litigation for Denied or Underpaid Fire Insurance Claims

Whether you own an office building, retail development, industrial site, or other commercial property, you probably need the help of an experienced insurance claim attorney if your property has been damaged in a major fire. An attorney who is experienced with fire insurance claims for businesses gives you a better chance to resolve your claim to your satisfaction—beginning to end—because he or she will:

  • Know what to look for.
  • Understand the policy language and benefits you are entitled to.
  • Know how to negotiate with insurers.
  • Know how to work swiftly and cost-effectively.
  • Know how critical it is to get a positive outcome.
  • Know how to assess the impact a fire or other disaster has on a business.
  • Help you avoid disputes that lead to litigation.
  • Help you weigh the benefits of different dispute resolution methods.
  • Prepare your claim with the potential for litigation in mind.
  • Help you assert your rights in litigation if other resolution efforts fail.

Unfortunately, when it comes to fire insurance claims, insurance companies will try to undervalue the losses or deny claims using every trick in the book. However, the attorneys at the Voss Law Firm are skilled in helping businesses with difficult insurance claims, and we are aware of the tricks insurance companies use. We also know how to fight back in order to get you the benefits that you and your company are entitled to.

Thankfully, fire-related insurance litigation doesn’t have to be as difficult or risky as it may seem. Our legal team has handled thousands of property loss claims across the nation, including large-loss claims, and we take pride in helping businesses get the compensation needed to get back to “business as usual.”

Do you have questions about commercial insurance claims or litigation? Call or email our team directly, or leave us a quick comment below. You can also learn more by reading through a free copy of our book, Business Disputes: Critical Information for All Business Owners—Small and Large.

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