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Texas Business Attorney Explains Alternatives to Business Litigation

When your company is facing business litigation, you may be worried about the financial cost of court, as well as keeping your business matters discreet. When you want to quickly get to the core of your business litigation matters, you need to turn to an attorney who has experience in commercial and business litigation, partnership disputes, employee and employer disputes, contract disputes, non-competition agreements, antitrust and trade actions, Uniform Commercial Code disputes, business dissolutions, Civil RICO actions and more.

Before deciding on which avenue to take, talk with a Texas business litigation lawyer to determine what your legal options are, the time frame each would take, and the cost of pursuing your specific needs. Many business litigation matters in Texas should go to court; however, there are other matters that could be worked out through alternatives to the courtroom.

Alternatives to litigation for business owners that do not want to go to court and want to consider another venue to discuss their business dispute may include mediation and arbitration. Sometimes businesses want to avoid the courtroom battle, and in these instances alternative dispute resolution may be the answer for these businesses.
  • Arbitration: is an informal process generally between two parties that is kept private. Arbitration can occur quickly and costs less than litigation, and an attorney can still represent you in arbitration.
  • Mediation: is also private and occurs when a third party helps you negotiate with the other side. It is less expensive and moves faster than courtroom trials. You would choose mediation if you are willing to work toward a mutual resolution.
In addition, class action lawsuits can be brought by businesses that have similar causes of action. This could include violations of federal regulations, securities fraud, or product defect issues. The purpose of bringing a class action is to save your business time preparing for court and money in litigation costs.

If no other alternatives are right for your business, then your business will need to prepare effectively for courtroom litigation. A skilled Texas business attorney can counsel you regarding the state and federal laws and prepare you for courtroom procedures regarding your case. In addition, a knowledgeable attorney can appeal your case to a higher court to review the trial court decision.

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