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Take Steps to Carefully Manage Large-Scale Commercial Fire Losses

It’s easy to overlook the details in a large commercial fire lossFires often cause large-scale losses that have a considerable financial impact. For large-scale businesses, the negative effect can be compounded, especially if the insurance claims that follow are allowed to fall out of the insured’s control. Attorney Bill Voss has worked with businesses around the nation after large-scale losses, and he would like to share some information about where large property-loss claims go wrong—and what you can do to avoid problems along the way.

How Large-Loss Fire Insurance Claims Get Out of Control

Fire damage is often devastating, and insurance claims for large businesses are inherently complex. While the major effects of a large-loss fire may seem obvious, there are many losses that can be easily overlooked. If the insured doesn’t take steps to manage the claims process and plan for recovery, the fire insurance company is unlikely to point out where the insured has failed to maximize the claim. Learn more about other common struggles in commercial insurance claims.

Even when policyholders do take steps, disputes with the insurance company over the value of a claim or the coverage available can create overwhelming challenges. This is especially true when a large fire loss has shut down an extensive commercial property or interfered with its most essential functions. To help keep control of large and difficult claims, it makes sense to bring in an attorney who understands the needs of similar properties and has a track record of good outcomes for clients.

Need Help? Look for an Attorney Experienced With Large-Loss Insurance Claims

If you feel like your fire insurance claim is out of control, it’s wise to seek the guidance of an attorney who has worked through large-scale loss claim in the past. An experienced attorney can help you:

  • Understand your duties and rights as the insured.
  • Develop an effective plan for loss mitigation and recovery.
  • Document losses, obtain needed information, and prepare needed forms.
  • Stay up to date on the status of your claim and needed steps for fair resolution.
  • Make sure your rights and interests are protected.
  • Represent you in disputes against the fire insurance company.

At the Voss Law Firm, our attorneys have many years of experience helping commercial policyholders maximize their claims and fight “bad faith” denials, both in Texas and around the world. For more information about working through a large-scale commercial property losses, contact the Voss Law Firm today.

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