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Insurance Companies Prolong Industrial Fire Claims to Take Advantage of Policyholders

Some delays are unavoidable, and most policyholders expect the claims process to take a little time after a major fire in an industrial building. But there are other times when insurance companies delay fire claims just because they can, meaning that some industrial policyholders are faced with the choice between:

  • Accepting an unfair underpayment or denial of their fire claims
  • Continuing to fight for maximum compensation while damaged buildings sit empty and unproductive

For some policyholders, accepting an unsatisfactory resolution to their claims seems like a better option—and, as financial resources dwindle, a necessary last resort. Unfortunately, this means that insurance companies can benefit by pressuring industrial policyholders through unnecessary delays.

Concerns Increase as Industrial Policyholders Wait for Resolution of Fire Claims

Although the process is often treated as such, settling claims for industrial damage is more than just an administrative process. Policyholders may be unable to use industrial properties or make necessary repairs in the meantime, and they are losing profits with every week that passes without an answer. Additionally, fire damages can leave properties vulnerable to a number of additional complications, especially when adequate repairs are delayed along with the claim.  

It costs the insurance company nothing to put a fire claim on hold, while the policyholder struggles with the mounting pressure to accept anything and just move on. But there is another answer.

An Experienced Insurance Litigation Law Firm Can Help You Resolve Unfairly Prolonged Fire Claims

Industrial policyholders do not have to accept manipulation and “bad faith” insurance tactics after a major fire threatens their bottom line. An experienced legal team can work with you to maximize your claim and hold the insurance company responsible for paying for fire damages under the coverage you carry. By helping you build strong evidence to support your interests in litigation against your industrial insurer and fighting for prompt resolution of prolonged claims, an insurance litigation attorney can play a crucial part in your success.

Even if you do not choose to pursue litigation in an insurance dispute, you can consult with our team to get a thorough review of the challenges you face and specific guidance in moving toward a resolution you can live with. To learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today.

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