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Industrial Policyholders Need to Watch for Complications While Waiting for Resolution of Fire Claims

When a fire breaks out on an industrial property, it can leave extensive and complicated damages—and those damages can get worse if you’re not paying attention while you wait for your industrial fire claim to resolve with the insurance company. While you may not have been planning for a long period of delay between the fire and permanent repairs, the responsibility for maintaining the damaged property and mitigating losses falls on you. Don’t let a damaged property become more costly than it needs to be.

Problems Develop Quickly in Fire-Damaged Industrial Buildings When Claim Resolution Is Delayed

Even if you’ve gone through an initial clean-up process after a fire, problems can develop behind the scenes if planned repairs and replacements are delayed. Beyond the initial damage from the blaze, mounting post-blaze concerns might include:

  • Mold and water damage from fighting the blaze
  • Vandalism as industrial properties sit empty
  • Structural weakening while problems
  • Water, chemical, and gas leaks that aren’t immediately detected
  • Lack of regular maintenance while fire-damage claims are sorted out
  • Corrosion and electrical damage from allowing soot to sit
  • Long-term use of temporary repairs that become inadequate with time
  • Other worsening of initial damages

These damages can all continue to worsen or leave properties vulnerable while policyholders wait for months or years for payment of their claims—so it’s important for industrial policyholders to have a post-fire plan for maintenance.

Be Prepared to Check up on Fire-Damaged Properties While You Wait to Make Repairs

Make sure you are prepared to maintain an industrial property while you wait for the financial resources you need for full repairs. Whether that means having someone regularly inspect the property or prioritizing certain repairs, it’s worth the extra effort to protect your property. The time and money you put into protecting a property can pay off in the future.

If you are unsure how to handle loss mitigation after an industrial fire or can’t get answers from the insurance company about your claim, don’t forget that you can reach out for professional help—no matter what the size of your operation. Claims for major fire losses can be very complicated for any business, but an experienced attorney can provide valuable support in the aftermath.

Don’t wait any longer to get help with delayed fire claims. If you are having trouble finding a fair resolution to a claim for serious fire damages, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced legal team for help. You can reach us today by filling out our contact form or taking advantage of our convenient live-chat service.

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