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Industrial Insurance Property Claims - As Complex As It Gets

If you have a Industrial Complex that sustains a loss, you face many considerations that not only influence the insurance claim, but also have potential long-term impact on its future prospects. You may be able to salvage equipment or replace it entirely. Replacement may be difficult, costly, or cause disruption to the marketability of seasonal items. Retail and wholesale establishments also contain furniture, fixtures, improvements, and expendable items, such as supplies and small tools, all of which may be damaged in addition to inventory. Coverage may be premised on a reporting form, which requires a monthly statement of values. The Voss Law Firm, P.C. has extensive experience dealing with these types of coverages and applying them to the damages sustained.

Industrial or Manufacturing Losses may involve damage to machinery and equipment, as well as to finished inventory and goods-in-process. An analysis of the damage must include a cost evaluation of the inventory, with reference to past and current pricing of materials, labor, and overhead, and the identification of appropriate cost components of the goods-in-process. Forecasts of production and the Associated Sales Value (ASV) of that production, as well as actual or hypothetical ongoing Costs of Doing Business (CDB), must be compiled to substantiate a Business Interruption Claim.

It is the opinion of this law firm, The Voss Law Firm, P.C., that there is simply too much at risk to not contact a qualified insurance litigation attorney, like Bill Voss, to fully evaluate and help guide you through the process. The insurance company has a team of lawyers on your side. Shouldn't you?

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