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Heavy Rains Cause Flooding in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida

Although Tropical Storm Erika weakened significantly more than expected before hitting the United States, NBC News reported that the remnants of the storm still produced heavy rains over the Carolinas and Florida on August 31. In Florida, where residents had received warnings and were bracing for potentially devastating conditions from Erika, many emergency warnings were dropped as the scope of the weakening storm and its path became more apparent. However, areas around Saint Augustine and Gainesville still experienced flooding in the heavy rains. Tampa, which had already been hit with several bouts of heavy rains recently, was also at risk for flooding with the addition of even moderate rains from Erika. It was largely areas across the central part of Florida that were affected by the storm.

In South Carolina, the heavy rains from Tropical Storm Erika were more severe and damaging. Charleston reported a record-breaking rainfall of 6.4 inches during the storm, and deep flooding was reported in several parts of the state. Sandbags were distributed to help keep waters at bay, and firefighters were on duty to help citizens and manage emergency conditions. According to the report from NBC, August 31 was Charleston’s fifth-wettest day on record.     

Help With Insurance Claims for Damage Related to Tropical Storm Erika

While Tropical Storm Erika did not leave the same destruction in the U.S. as it did across the Caribbean, the heavy rains and flooding still leave residents with a lot of work to do to clean up and recover. Mud-filled businesses, ruined crops, wet carpets, and the threat of mold are always difficult and costly losses, and it isn’t always clear what might be covered by flood insurance or how to deal with the insurance claims that follow. This can be especially difficult when many cities are affected by the same storm, and insurance companies are overwhelmed with flood claims.  

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