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How to Know If Your Flood Damage Is an Act of God

"Act of God” may be one of the most confusing and frustrating insurance terms that exist. Because of this, our insurance claim attorneys receive dozens of questions about this bizarre concept each time a storm or flood affects an area. Here are some common questions we are asked:

Why is flooding treated so much differently than other natural disasters?

Shouldn’t all natural events be termed an “act of God,” if you are religious?

Why are some events “acts of God,” but not others?

Here’s what you need to know about acts of God and flood insurance:

  • In the insurance industry, an “act of God” is defined as an unpreventable and destructive event that is caused by nature. By this definition, many floods—and many other severe weather events and natural disasters—may technically be considered an act of God.
  • Whether or not an “act of God” is covered by your insurance company depends on what is written in your insurance policy. Make certain to read your insurance policy carefully, looking for the phrase and understanding how it is used.
  • Flooding is often not covered in your general home insurance or business insurance coverage. When purchasing a policy, be sure to ask about whether or not flooding is covered (and which types of flooding). If you are in an area with a history of flooding, you may need to buy flood insurance separately.
  • Whether or not flooding is indeed an “act of God” may depend on where you live. “Acts of God” are not predictable. If you live somewhere that has flooded in the past, such as in a valley or near a river, flooding may not be considered an “act of God.”

Many people are shocked to find out that their property was not covered in the case of a flood, or that their flood damage is considered an “act of God.” If you have a question about your flood insurance claim, or believe that your insurance company is not acting in good faith, you way wish to speak with one of our insurance claim attorneys. Call the Voss Law Firm today: 888-614-7730.

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