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Reporting a Construction Defect: When, How and Why

Discovering a construction defect can be stressful, demoralizing, and overwhelming, especially if you are living in a new construction that you thought was free from issues. Suddenly, you may be faced with a difficult and expensive repair. You may be asking yourself who is at fault or who will pay for it.


What should you do when you discover a construction defect and related property damage?

  • Act immediately – Construction defects can cause extremely expensive and extensive damage to your home and may only get worse over time. At the same time, your builder’s warranty may expire sooner than you think.
  • Read your policies – How is your property covered by insurance and warranties? Find out by closely reading these documents, especially the exclusions and exceptions.
  • Notify the builder – Regardless of what your warranty and other contracts say, you should notify the builder as soon as possible with the issue and the cause. Keep all records of correspondence between you and the builder.
  • Keep records – In addition to saving your correspondence with the builder, save all other information, including evidence of the defects, repair estimates, and conversations with repairmen.
  • Get a licensed inspector – You want to clearly understand the damage to your property as well as its cause. A licensed inspector can help you understand exactly what the defect was and how it should have been prevented.


If you are having difficulty resolving the legal issues surrounding your construction defect, you may wish to speak with an experienced attorney about your issues. A construction defect lawyer can help you understand how the defect took place, who is responsible, and who should pay for the repairs. Call us today for a free initial consultation to discuss your matter.

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