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School Districts & Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claims

As Hurricane Sandy slowed and finally sputtered to a stop this week, millions of people emerged from their homes to assess the damage that the super storm left in its wake: streets remained in New York and New Jersey, wind damage tore roofs and siding from buildings in Connecticut, trees crashed through windows and onto cars in Virginia and Washington, DC.

More than anything, Americans are ready to clean up and return to their normal lives – but large amounts of work lay ahead. Just as we prepared for the storm to come, we must act after the storm is over.

A quick school district storm response is key

Returning to normal after a storm means that our students must return to school. While some districts were spared by Hurricane Sandy, many others suffered significant damages from wind, rain, and flooding. It is vital that:

•    Your school is safe and hazard-free when children return to your hallways.
•    Emergency repairs are made to prevent further damage – such as rain damage.
•    There is a plan for repairing large-scale damage quickly, permanently, and economically.
•    Your school quickly secures a fair settlement from their insurance company.

We cannot stress this point enough. In the wake of a catastrophic storm like Hurricane Sandy, insurance companies are faced with huge numbers of claims and must pay out millions of dollars to policyholders. At these times, some companies may attempt to shortchange their customers, delay claims, or otherwise act in bad faith.

Get legal support when filing your school's insurance claim after Hurricane Sandy

At Voss Law Firm, we understand that school districts and school systems already have tight budgets and that a poorly handled insurance claim could have a huge affect on your education program and the kids themselves. We want to make certain that your school district insurance claim in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is handled promptly and fairly. To learn how we can help you, call us today at 888-614-7730 to schedule a free, confidential consultation. We assist schools across the country.

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