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June Hailstorms Ravage Midwest and Texas, Creating Major Headaches for Industrial Business Owners

The beginning of June pelted large parts of the nation with tornadoes, hail, and flooding, including severe, hail-producing storms in Texas. The storms in Texas included confirmed tornadoes in several counties, 80-mile-per-hour winds, and large hail coming down across the South Plains. Multiple regions in the Midwest also suffered similar storm damage.

For industrial business owners, the process of loss recovery that follows these kinds of severe hail storms can be complicated for a number of reasons, including:

  • More than just roof damage. Although roof damage is the most obvious loss after a hailstorm, the softball-sized hail that came down in Texas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, and other states in the recent storms can also cause damage to HVAC systems, vehicles, windows, and siding.
  • Clusters of storms. Severe weather can be unpredictable, and multiple hail-producing storms can move through an area with little time in between for industrial business owners to act—in some parts of the Midwest, business owners sustained damages in storms only a few days apart. If your industrial business has already sustained losses due to hail, and more severe weather is predicted, when is the right time to submit your insurance claims for damage?
  • Multiple industrial insurance policies. Industrial businesses may be covered by a number of insurance policies, and a single storm can mean that multiple complex claims must be filed. In this year’s storms, for example, industrial business owners may be looking at separate claims for different types of hail damage, losses from tornadoes or flooding related to the same storm, and losses sustained in areas of business operations. 

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