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Three Spring Insurance Coverage Surprises That Affect Contractors

Spring storms can involve surprisingly costly cleanup effortsAs temperatures rise and the last of the cold weather melts away, spring is revealing the damage from winter while exposing properties to storms, hail, tornados, and wind. While contractors do their best to help home and business owners recover from damage and estimate repairs after a long winter, there can also be surprises lurking in the insurance policies involved. Attorney Bill Voss shares three common issues that you should know about if you are working with home and business owners on insurance assessments, estimates, and repairs.

Little Surprises Can Cause Big Problems During Spring Storm Repairs

While policyholders can be surprised by what their insurance policies cover, those unhappy surprises can also affect the contractors they choose. Some of the most common issues that arise include:

  • Tree and debris removal. Taking care of downed trees and debris is a common spring task, but the home or business owner’s insurance policy may include confusing limitations. For example, some insurance policies may pay the full cost for a tree being removed from a home’s roof, but the same policy may not pay all the expenses related to removing the tree debris from the property.
  • Winter roof damage. Between winter snow and spring hail, roofs can really take a beating. However, insurance companies may issue claim denials based on poor maintenance, improper installation, or confusion about what is covered and what is not. Make sure you understand the limitations of the insurance policy before you assume that all costs will be covered.
  • The realities of the job. One trick that insurance companies use to avoid paying the full worth of a claim is covering the immediate damage, but not covering what it will really take to finish the job. Contractors know that work can’t necessarily stop in the middle of a wall, and they don’t have the option of ignoring the effect the repair work will have on electrical systems, what it might take to meet codes, and other practical issues with doing the repairs rights.

Are you dealing with a delayed, underpaid, or denied insurance claim? Do you feel like the insurance company isn’t treating you fairly? Contact the Voss Law Firm today at 800-215-0507. Our experienced policyholder attorneys are ready to help when the insurance company fails to do the right thing. We have decades of combined experience working with people, businesses, and organizations across the United States to make sure their claims are fairly paid in full, including all overhead and profit.

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