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When theft to your condominium occurs, it can be a scary time, as you may feel violated and unsafe in your own home. You may not know what to do after a burglary or theft, but every step you take is critical to your Texas condominium theft claim recovery.

Critical Steps to Take After a Burglary Include:
  • Immediately Call 911: If you approach your condo and notice that the door is open or that there are signs of forced entry, you should call the police as soon as possible from a location outside of your condo. 
  • Do Not Enter Your Condo: Avoid entering your condo, as the burglar may still be in there. Wait until the police arrive. Write down the officer's name and badge number, and get a copy of your police report. 
  • Do Not Touch Anything: Evidence police collect is critical in catching the burglar. They may be able to finger print items that appear moved and gather shoeprints and other evidence. 
  • Look to See if Items are Missing: Before you touch anything, ask police if you can look to see what is missing. Once cleared, check for your documentation such as your social security card, credit cards, and other personal information. Then, check the rest of the condo. 
  • Compare Items to your Household Inventory List: Having an inventory list allows you to confirm which items were stolen.
  • Document Damage: Videotape or photograph the damage that was done to your condominium due to the theft. 
  • Seek Legal Help: Call a skilled Texas insurance claim attorney for your condominium theft claim at the Voss Law Firm today at 888-614-7730 for a free legal consultation. This way you can make sure you do not make an error in judgment or minimize your stolen items.
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