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Importance of Having an Inventory List When Pursuing a Residential Theft Claim in Texas

When theft to your home occurs, you will need to file a Texas homeowners insurance claim for the items that were stolen and the damage that may have been done to your house. If you ever have to pursue a theft claim in Texas, you may have to show proof of ownership of the items that are damaged or missing.

Importance of Being Prepared With Proof of Ownership Documentation

Although no one ever thinks they will be a victim of theft, if you are, you may be left to scrounge up a list in the middle of your chaotic situation. Making a list of your household items during a time of stress can lead to you forgetting some items, how much you paid for them, or their value.

The best way to prevent this is to prepare an itemized list ahead of time to prove ownership, and to continually add to that list whenever there is a large purchase made. It is also a wise idea to keep receipts from large purchases and other valuable items.

If you do not want to make an itemized list, you can show proof of ownership in the following ways:

  • Video documentation of household items
  • Photographs of your inventory
  • Receipts
When you suffer property loss due to theft, you do not need to suffer monetarily. When you add up the costs associated with your furniture and electronics purchases, as well as clothing or other valuable items, the financial loss can be shocking.

Insurance adjusters will attempt to settle your Texas theft claim for less than what it is worth. This is why it is essential to speak with an experienced insurance claim attorney as soon as possible. A skilled insurance litigation lawyer will be able to help build a stronger case for you and reduce the weaknesses of your claim.

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