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The Effects of Severe Drought Are Felt Across the Agricultural Industry

A severe drought in any major agricultural area can create problems for farmers throughout the agricultural industry. Although a drought may start small, the negative effects can quickly spread, sometimes into seemingly unconnected businesses and locations.

If you own a family farm or agricultural business, it’s likely that you’re already aware of just how serious extended dry conditions can be—and just how scary it can be when there is no promise of rain in the forecast. However, you may not be aware just how far drought-related concerns can ripple from the affected area. Here are just a few examples of how the effects of drought can quickly reach far and wide:

  • When corn yield is severely affected by drought conditions, the effects of that crop loss can increase feed prices, gas prices, meat prices, and dairy prices.
  • Root systems can be damaged in times of drought, creating potential problems in the future, such as poor yields in coming seasons and a greater risk of field and forest fires.
  • Farmers in areas not affected by drought may feel the effects as they start spending more money to feed their families and their livestock, meaning that they have less money to put into the care and maintenance of their own agricultural businesses.

For more information about dealing with a drought, insuring your farm, and filing insurance claims for losses, request your free copy of our informative book, Drought: Agricultural Effects, Insurance Claims, and Beyond, or simply reach out to our team directly for one-on-one answers to your questions. 

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