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3 Ways Our Legal Team Can Help With Estimates of Damage to an Industrial Facility

If you own an industrial complex or facility that has been damaged, a big part of the recovery process will be in assessing and estimating the damage for insurance purposes. Depending on the extent and type of damage, different facilities have different needs when it comes to property damage estimates. Here are three ways our experienced policyholder advocates can help you with estimates for industrial property damage:

  1. Guide you in preparing and organizing damage assessments. Even if you prefer to handle the bulk of the work on your own, experienced legal counsel can provide valuable help in making sure that you have all the documentation you need and have addressed problems satisfactorily.
  2. Review prepared estimates. Once you have everything in order and are ready to submit your claim, taking the time to have an experienced attorney review your estimates and documentation can help you catch any small mistakes that might cause headaches later on.
  3. Prepare comparison estimates. If you’re unsure about the estimates you’ve been given by the insurance company or your own contractors, our team has the resources and connections to provide a third-party comparison estimate to make sure you are maximizing your industrial insurance claim.

Industrial facilities depend on prompt and straightforward insurance claims to make sure they can return to “business as usual.” If your industrial facility has sustained damage, or if you have questions about loss mitigation and prevention, call or email our skilled policyholder attorneys today. You may also find it helpful to read through one of our free eBooks or visit our regularly updated frequently asked questions.

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