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Why should I contact a policyholder attorney to help with an industrial insurance claim for property damage?

It’s a common misconception that property damage claims are always straightforward, especially in a commercial or industrial setting where there is a lot at risk. In truth, these claims can be very complicated if you aren’t informed and organized, which is why it’s often worth it for industrial complex owners to seek their own legal counsel during the recovery process.

While you may not ultimately need to enter into litigation with the insurance company, legal counsel can still make a difference in your industrial insurance claim. Our team can help you document, assess, and organize your approach to the property damages you have sustained, and we can also review your insurance coverage and make sure you have a recovery plan in place.

Industrial property insurance claims are often complex, and may involve a number of issues, including:

  • Structural damage to buildings
  • Fire or smoke damage
  • Issues with odor and air quality
  • Hazardous chemical cleanup
  • Flood, water, and mold damage
  • Damage to routine equipment
  • Damage to stocks and supplies

Depending on the specifics of your industry and property, there may also be damage to specialized equipment or production facilities to consider. When you have customers waiting, you can’t afford to take risks with your recovery. An experienced policyholder can offer support and guidance that is tailored to your company and prioritize your most pressing needs as you recover.

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