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The Two Most Basic Problems That Come Up With Condominium Hail Insurance Claims

Hail storms can damage roofing materials, tear up common areas, and cause losses that reach into individual units. While condo associations and unit owners rely on their insurance coverage to help them repair hail damage, replace damaged roofing, and recover from a serious storm, their claims are often complicated by a number of factors, and problems come up more often than most policyholders know.

Some hail claims are resolved without any issues, but policyholders should be prepared—just in case there are some “bumps” along the road to recovery. While there can be a lot of complex details involved that vary from claim to claim, here are the two most basic complaints from condominium associations and unit owners when filing a claim for hail-related losses:

  • Your claim is denied. Hail claims can be denied for a number of reasons, especially in the complex insurance situation presented by condominiums. However, don’t be too quick to accept a denial without researching your rights as a policyholder. Unfair denials can and do happen.
  • You disagree with the amount of the payment. Even if your claim is accepted, you may feel that the payment offered by the insurance company is too low to account for all covered losses and repairs. Before you decide to accept less, make sure you look over your claim with an experienced policyholder attorney. Insurance companies often underpay hail claims in order to minimize how much they must pay out after a major hailstorm.

The Voss Law Firm represents policyholders of all kinds, from coast to coast and even internationally. If your condominium insurance claim has been denied or underpaid, we will help you fight for your rights and recover what you deserve. Call our law office today at 888-614-7730 to talk about your concerns, or schedule a free case review by filling out the contact form on this page.


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