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How can a condominium association start out on the right foot with a hail insurance claim?

Taking steps to maximize and take control of a hail insurance claim from the very beginning can help condominium associations avoid denials, underpayments, and other issues. Here are some tips for getting started on the right foot:

  • Understand your policies. Hail can affect both individual units and common areas for the condominium, creating a complex coverage situation. Make sure you understand the master policy held by the condo association, how coverage works, and what your responsibilities are after a loss event.  
  • Understand what your claim is really worth. Hail damage isn’t always visible with the naked eye, and you can’t always trust hurried adjusters and contractors to catch the full extent of the losses you’ve sustained. You may need to get several estimates or work with an attorney to determine the full scope and potential worth of your claim.
  • Understand what you sign. One of the biggest mistakes condominium associations make with hail claim is signing documents without fully understanding the ramifications of doing so. Although you may assume that it’s all just “routine” documentation for settling the claim, you can contribute to serious problems with your claim if you don’t review each signature request carefully.
  • Know when to ask for help. If you do end up running into issues with a claim for hail damages, don’t wait to get answers about your rights as a policyholder. There is often room to fight for a fair outcome, even in complicated claims—but you can wreck your rights if you don’t understand what your options are.

Do you have questions? Call our law office to talk about your concerns with your claim at 888-614-7730. Our highly experienced policyholder attorneys are prepared to answer your questions and help you take control of your insurance claims after a major storm or disaster.


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