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Vineyards Face Many Potential Crop and Business Risks

Growing wine grapes, especially in less-than-absolutely-perfect conditions, can be a rollercoaster ride for any business owner, and the risks inherent in the business mean that comprehensive insurance coverage is crucial. There are a number of potential threats to your vineyard’s ability to produce a satisfactory yield each year, including:

  • Storm damage from wind, hail, and rain
  • Frost and snow damage
  • Plants sensitive to rapid weather fluctuations
  • Extreme or unusual weather at key points in growing seasons.
  • Wildfires
  • Insects and fungal pests
  • Weather and pest damage to young vines
  • Equipment and building damage
  • Employee injuries

Because viniferous grapes can be particularly sensitive to weather, pests, and growing conditions, and because the wine industry itself can be full of ups and downs, wine-grape growers must be vigilant in both caring for their vines and protecting their delicate business investments from unexpected harm.

Vineyards Often Call for Complicated, Customized Agricultural Insurance Coverage

While vineyards share similar threats as farmers, growers, and producers in other agricultural industries, wine-grape producers face unique challenges as well. Because every operation is so different, and vineyards can range in size from modest to vast, each vineyard generally requires careful assessment of its unique risks and liability, as well as customized solutions for any concerns. 

Our team can help you make sure your current agricultural insurance coverage fits the needs of your business. For more information about negotiating agricultural insurance claims and protecting your vineyard from risk, contact our legal professionals directly, or connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

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