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Following a natural disaster, you may begin the process of filing a Texas residential insurance claim for your damages. Many homeowners like to start this process quickly so they can collect their money faster in order to move on and put the disaster behind them. Although starting the process quickly seems like a good thing, disaster victims often forget to report certain damaged or lost items.

Sometimes people just cannot remember everything they had in their home that was destroyed by the fire, hurricane or other severe storm. This is especially true when homeowners are faced with a catastrophe and emotions are running wild. Oftentimes, disaster victims will not remember certain items for two years or more after the event.

This is why it is important not to rush into accepting a settlement from the insurance company too quickly, and why it is a good idea to file an extension for your property damage claim. Otherwise, disaster victims who hastily accept a settlement could be giving up their rights to a full recovery before they really understand the extent of their total loss.

This frequently happens because homeowners rely on their insurance agents for the only source of information during this process. Sadly, insurance representatives do not always have the property owner’s concerns at the forefront of their minds. This is why disaster victims need to do all they can to protect their rights.

If your claim has been denied or you are not receiving a fair settlement offer from your insurance company, please call a skilled Texas insurance claim attorney for a free legal consultation to find out more about your rights to fair compensation. You can reach the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730.
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