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What Type of Damage Did Your Property Sustain Because of the Recent Freeze in Texas?

We want to hear from you!  What type of damage did you experience?  We are preparing a study and want to share with your friends and neighbors. 

We are getting bombarded with calls and emails from all over Texas because folks are wanting to better understand next steps post freeze.  I love this!  It shows me people are getting smarter and not wanting to get taken out to the cold twice because of some fast talking insurance claim adjuster pretending to be the property owner's friend.  Have you ever herad the term "you go girl?"  Fitting here for sure - my clients are taking a stand - they are fighting back - and we are glad to stand right there next to them syaing enough is enough.  We will fight to the end on behalf of our clients making sure they get what they deserve.

Frozen Crops Texas Insurance Claim Lawyers Texas

This recent freeze impacted all of Texas.  Freeze damage to pipes, roofs, cars, pets, livestock, crops, and more throughout Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio - and everywhere inbetween.  Policyholders need a voice and The Voss Law Firm stands with them.

We are hearing from reputable sources the insurance companies are gearing up and hiring additional lawyers to get ready to take an advatage in these freeze claims.  We must do the same.  We must gear up, get ready, and moce first.  When did Noah build the Ark?  Before the storm.  Don't get left behind.  The time for action is now.


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