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How do I know if I have enough insurance so that I won’t have an insurance claim denied?

When you purchase a residential insurance policy, you could select many different coverages that will vary your settlement amount in the event of a loss. For example, an insurance claim can be reviewed based on the replacement cost.

In the event of a loss, the cost to replace your home may be more than what your insurance policy will provide, which is why it is best to know your replacement cost and to get enough insurance to cover that amount. However, keep in mind that when a major disaster occurs, such as a hurricane or wildfire, it can create a supply-and-demand situation, increasing costs to replace damaged property. 

You should have your property insured to at least 80 percent of the replacement cost so that your insurance policy will cover most of your insurance claims. However, you can get additional coverage in case of a total loss. Ask your insurance company if they offer an endorsement that would provide full coverage to replace your property in the event of a total loss. If your home cost more to replace than what your limit is, your claim should be covered if you have extra coverage, such as full-replacement coverage. Also, you can purchase additional coverages like building code upgrades, earthquake insurance, and more to make sure you are totally covered. 

For help making sure you have the right insurance before you need to make an insurance claim, call the Voss Law Firm to speak with a knowledgeable insurance litigation lawyer. We would be happy to review your policy and needs and give you advice in a free initial consultation today at 888-614-7730.

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