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What steps does a unit owner need to take after a damaging fire affects the building?

After the fire is out, what happens next? Unit owners can be put in a difficult position by fires because their insurance coverage for the event may fall under one of numerous policies held by the unit owner, the condo association, and others. Here are some steps you can take after a file that will help you get ready to file a claim for your losses and maximize your recovery:

  • Notify the fire department, the condo association, and your insurance company of the fire.
  • If it is safe to enter, thoroughly photograph the damage to your unit before you attempt to make repairs.
  • Take any measures necessary to make temporary repairs or protect your property from further damage, but wait on major repairs until after the insurance company has completed its assessments.
  • Carefully read through your fire policy and the condominium master policy to determine how fire coverage is handled and what you need to do to recover losses.
  • Consider hiring independent professionals to assess and estimate your fire-related losses.
  • Speak with an experienced policyholder attorney if you run into problems with your claim.

Condominium fire claims can create a lot of headaches for policyholders who aren’t prepared to protect their rights. Start learning more about what to do and what to expect from the insurance company after a major loss event by reading our free book, Tricks of the Trade: How Insurance Companies Deny, Delay, Confuse & Refuse.


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