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Maximizing Claims for Condo Water Damage Means Careful Attention to Many Factors

Water damage can be complex, and the causes of water damage in a condominium can range from flooding after heavy rains to a broken water pipe or leaking washing machine. But no matter how water damage happens, the unit owners and condominium association may face a long road to getting their insurance claims for water-related losses sorted, filed, and paid.

Understanding How Responsibility Is Shared for Damage to a Condominium

Condominium claims are notoriously complicated because they so often involve multiple policyholders, overlapping responsibility for damages, and disputes between the insurance companies who are potentially responsible for paying claims. In the case of water damage, claims can become bogged down in small details, such as:

  • Who pays for damaged fixtures, windows, and other features that aren’t clearly the responsibility of a single party
  • How a leak or problem started and how it affected multiple units and areas
  • What policies cover the type of water damage done
  • How to interpret the terms of general and flood insurance policies
  • How and when repairs are addressed

Condo Policyholders Can’t Afford to Ignore Problems—Even When They’re Someone Else’s Responsibility

Even when an issue is determined to be a unit owner’s fault, condo associations and other unit owners can’t simple file it away as “someone else’s problem.” It may still be necessary to take steps to:

  • Understand how water damage is covered under the policies in place for the condominium property. Because so many parties and policies are involved, it pays to understand the policies that cover you, including general policies, the condo master policy, and separate flood insurance policies. 
  • Investigate and document water damage that affects areas the policyholder is responsible for. Solid estimates and assessments will be needed for any damage covered by your policy, and documentation is essential.
  • Make sure needed repairs are made and losses are mitigated. Don’t assume someone else will take care of a problem. Water and mold damages can become progressively worse if they aren’t handled appropriately.  

If you are having trouble resolving a claim for flood or water damage to a condominium, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced policyholder attorneys today by phone or live chat. We have helped individuals, businesses, and organizations across the nation recover from water damage and maximize their insurance claims, and we hope we can help you, too.


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