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Federal Flood Insurance Doesn’t Necessarily Make Condo Claims Easy

Although it is possible to insure a condominium under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), filing claims for losses after a flood won’t necessarily be simple just because the program is offered by the federal government. There are a still a number of potential complications that can crop up for condominium policyholders—whether they are unit owners or condo associations—and it’s important to know what to expect and how to react.

Some of the Potential Complications With Condominium Flood Insurance Under the NFIP

Here are some things you should understand about flood claims under national programs:

  • There can still be confusion about who is responsible for what damage. As in other types of claims, condominiums present some challenges because there are often several different policies and policyholders involved. If you’re unsure what your responsibility is after a flood affects your condo, don’t wait any longer to find out.
  • There can be different flood-insurance requirements depending on the region and type of condominium building. There can also be a lot of variance in the policies that cover you depending on where you live or the type of condo you have insured. Again, understand your own policies and the policies that cover you, as well as the potential risks in your region.  
  • There can be long delays in the claims process for flood-affected regions. When large areas are affected by a flooding event, the wait for resolution of a condo claim can leave policyholders wondering.
  • They sometimes involve loans that must be paid back. Although loans through the NFIP can help policyholders get back on their feet, those loans will have to be repaid—so make sure you have a plan if you take advantage of a loan.

Floods are costly loss events that can displace people from their homes and threaten the future of businesses and organizations. Don’t let your flood claim get out of control. For more information about your rights, or for help with a difficult condominium insurance claim, contact our law office at 888-614-7730.


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