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Understanding Tornado Damage and Act of God Insurance Claims

After the recent tornadoes that hit Kennedale, Texas and tore through Arlington and the Dallas-Fort Worth area on Tuesday, April 3, 2012, residents are left to wonder if their tornado damage is covered by their insurance policies and what exactly is an act of God insurance claim. 

A Closer Look at Act of God Insurance Claims

Damage caused by a tornado is considered an act of God insurance claim. Some residential insurance policies cover acts of God and some do not. Whether your tornado damage is covered under your insurance policy depends on the specific insurance policy you have. In order to find out, you can take a look at your policy, contact your insurer or even call a Texas insurance claim attorney if you aren’t sure. 

Acts of God such as tornadoes are generally covered under normal homeowners polices, unless stated otherwise. However, insurance companies will still fight tooth and nail to avoid providing you with the right settlement. 

Many homeowners sustained serious damage in this storm, as up to 13 tornadoes ripped through the area Tuesday. An estimated 650 homes were seriously damaged, and just in Arlington alone, about 150 homes were destroyed. Some buildings lost complete roofs and others were flattened. The tornado was so strong that it:
  • Pushed vehicles into fences
  • Toppled trees, which fell on homes and cars
  • Peeled roofs off of homes
  • Flattened tractor trailers
  • Tossed cars into the air
  • And more

The damage appears to be severe, but insurers won’t know the full scale of damage until the majority of homeowners submit their act of God insurance claims. One day after the tornadoes hit, State Farm Insurance received 959 homeowner claims, which is only a fraction of the insurance claims to come. 

When it Becomes Complicated 

If a homeowner’s fence was damaged in the tornado, it is often an easy process; however, if a resident lost their entire home and everything in it, the act of God insurance claim becomes very complicated. When this happens, insurance companies often try to underpay claims and participate in bad faith insurance practices. 

These are the times that homeowners need to engage a skilled Texas insurance litigation lawyer on their side. For a complimentary consultation, please call the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 today, and also request a FREE copy of our book, Disputes With the Insurance Company, What All Consumers Need to Know. Request your copy online, or call us today for more information.
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