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Important Ways Business Owners Can Prevent Burglaries and Commercial Insurance Claims

No one puts years of blood, sweat and tears into a business just for someone to burglarize it. So why would you put so much effort into your building your company without also instituting some safety measures to keep would-be robbers away?

Every business is different, so be sure to consider risks that are specific to your industry, area and type of building. There are, however, many basic rules of burglar-proofing your business to keep your livelihood safe and secure:

  • Invest in an alarm system. Some companies offer far more security than others. You may only need something basic, so shop and around and determine which one is best for you. Also, if possible, put a sticker on your door that tells people your property is protected by an alarm. This is an effective way of stopping burglars dead in their tracks.
  • Upgrade your locks. Install deadbolt locks on all outside entrances and inside security doors, if possible. And, more importantly, use them. Too many people forget to lock their doors and that is an open invitation for anyone to come inside. Make sure you have locks on windows as well.
  • Choose good lighting. The better lit your business is, the less likely someone is to try and break in. Keep the inside and outside of your business lit, primarily around any entryways like doors and windows.

The last thing you want to do as a business owner is a file a commercial insurance claim because of burglary. In addition to the time it takes away from your business as well as the headaches and worry it causes, the insurance company may also end up denying your claim.

If your business was burglarized and you are dealing with a denied claim, contact The Voss Law Firm today for a free consultation at 888-614-7730.

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