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Ten Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Litigation Attorney

If your company facing litigation, you need an experienced commercial litigation lawyer to successfully handle your case and minimize any disruption to your business. How do you find a winning business litigation attorney that is right for your company? Many business lawyers offer a free initial consultation with no obligation. This is a great way to shop around and get to know different attorneys before making a final decision.

The free consultation serves two purposes:

  • It allows the lawyer to learn about your business and your case.
  • It allows you to learn about the lawyer.

The initial consultation is your chance to interview the attorney before making a hiring decision. Here are ten questions that can help you make this important choice.

1.  Have you handled cases like mine? Do you have a track record of success?
Naturally, you want an attorney who has successfully handled a variety of business disputes. This is your chance to learn about the attorney's qualifications. Ask to see client testimonials.

2.  What course of action would you recommend for my business dispute?
Will I need to go to trial? Are there other options? Trials are expensive and time-consuming; an experienced corporate attorney will know if your dispute can be resolved through less costly alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation.

3.  What are the strengths and weaknesses of my case?
A good business trial lawyer will be able to warn you of potential problems that may impact your case or your business.

4.  What is my case worth?
Your attorney should be able to give you an estimated value of your case.

5.  Who will be handling my case?
Will I deal with one attorney or an entire team? Will work be delegated? Who will keep me updated? Who will be my main contact person? What do I do if I want to know what's going on?

6.  How will decisions be made regarding my case?
Am I a partner in my legal case? Will I be involved in decision making? Will I be consulted about changes in the action plan?

7.  What will my tasks and responsibilities be?
What am I responsible for bringing to the case? Are there documents and information that you will need from me? What else can I do to help my case?

8.  How long will it take to resolve this matter?
The lawyer won't be able to give you a definite answer. The opposing party may try to hold things up. But, your time is valuable and your attorney should seek to resolve the dispute in a way that produces the best outcome for you in a reasonable amount of time.

9.  How do your fees work?
Many attorneys work on an hourly basis. The Voss Law Firm able to handle most of our business litigation cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that if you win, we get a percentage of your settlement. If we lose, you pay nothing.

10.  Are there any other questions I should be asking?
These questions can give you a feel for the attorney's experience and style. More importantly, they can help you determine your comfort level with the lawyer. No matter how impressive the lawyer's credentials, if you are uncomfortable, the attorney may not be right for you.

The Voss Law Firm combines our record of success with a down-to-Earth approach. We invite you to learn more about our business litigation attorneys. To schedule a free consultation, contact The Voss Law Firm at 1-888-614-7730 or 281-VICTORY.

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