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A Texas Business Litigation Attorney Can Help Collect for Your Economic Loss Following a Fire

Whether you were in the building when the fire broke out or you received the call at home that your business went up in flames, you are most likely in a state of shock and wondering how to collect after suffering property damage and economic loss due to a commercial fire. 

Business owners who suffer financial losses in a fire are often at a loss for what to do next. No one ever expects a blaze to destroy their company and bring their business to a halt. However, when you are forced to close down or business is at a standstill until you can get a temporary location or get repairs made to your building, you need to know your options. 

Our Texas Business Litigation Attorneys Have These Tips for You:
  • First, do not file a commercial insurance claim alone without the help of an insurance litigation lawyer. 
  • Second, talk to an insurance claim attorney as soon as possible after the fire. 
  • Third, make sure you document everything during the communication process with the insurance company.
  • Fourth, save every receipt regarding money you spent in fire-related costs, such as materials to board up the building, charges to rent out a temporary location, and costs for new business materials etc. 
  • Finally, do not accept a settlement offer before talking with an attorney

Unfortunately, insurance companies like to bully people and companies around. They know that most people do not know the full terms of their insurance policies and understand their benefits, which is why they may do the following:

  • Allege the fire was caused by arson or insurance fraud
  • Fail to conduct a thorough investigation before denying your claim
  • Fail to pay your insurance claim
  • Delay your insurance claim payment
Because insurance companies have many tricks and tactics they will stoop to in order to hang onto their money, you need to know the laws and understand your insurance policy in order to avoid being taken advantage of. This is why hiring a skilled Texas business litigation attorney who is familiar with fire insurance policy language is critical to achieving the outcome you deserve. 

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