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Condominium Associations Can Fight Unfair Hurricane Insurance Denials by Seeking Experienced Help

Condominium associations often carry complex and comprehensive hurricane insurance policies, so they usually aren’t too worried about recovery after a major storm. When a completely legitimate claim is undervalued or denied, they can be blindsided. Condo associations usually believe that they have planned adequately for a hurricane by paying for all the necessary policies, and they aren’t usually prepared to deal with an insurance company that seems to be unfairly fighting against paying the full value of their claims at every turn. If you have found yourself fighting against a denial and facing angry unit owners who are still waiting for resolution from the master policy, you owe it to yourself to get help.

Hurricane Claim Denials Can Be as Complex as the Insurance Coverage Condo Associations Carry

Although hurricanes are devastating storms that destroy properties and displace residents, insurance companies aren’t always quick to pay the maximum for damage claims. When large areas are hit by a hurricane, some insurance companies may even resort to unfair tactics—like denying legitimate claims or leaving a policyholder hanging—in order to minimize how much they end up paying in the disaster. Even condominium associations that do the right thing by carefully assessing and insuring every facet of the properties under their responsibility can struggle to get the recovery they deserve. And many of them are unaware that they may have the right to fight back after an unfair denial or unexpected challenge.

You and your unit owners deserve a prompt and fair recovery. When something goes wrong and policy does not pay in the way you expected, it’s up to you to get informed about your rights as a policyholder and fight for what you deserve under the coverage you’ve faithfully carried. Our legal team has helped numerous condominium associations recover from unfairly denied claims, and we know it is possible—with the right help. Insurance companies have denied, delayed, and underpaid countless claims after the many major hurricanes in recent memory, and condominium claims are already complex even in the most straightforward circumstances. It makes sense for condo associations to turn to a highly-experienced attorney of their own to defend their rights, fight “bad faith” tactics, and maximize their claims for condo losses. 

If you are having trouble resolving a hurricane insurance claim under the condominium master policy, contact our law office today at 888-614-7730 for immediate assistance and a free case analysis.

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