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3 Unexpected Problems With Insurance Claims for Condominium Damage

While there are some challenges you might expect from the claims process after your condominium has sustained damage, there are some challenges you might not expect. Although some of these issues are very common, these problems still take condo owners, condominium associations, and other policyholders by surprise and threaten to wreck their legitimate insurance claims.

3 Problems That Can Sneak Up and Wreck Your Condominium Insurance Claim

While there are a number of complications that can arise with insurance claims for condominiums, here are three of the most common issues that many policyholders aren’t planning for:

  1. Confusing responsibility for damages. Different damages from the same source, such as a storm or fire, may be covered under different policies held by different parties. This is part of what makes condominium insurance claims so complicated for both owners and association members alike.
  2. “People problems.” Whether it’s a difficult neighbor or a question of agreement between different members of the condominium association’s board, personality clashes and personal grudges can interfere with the reasonable resolution of a claim for condo damages.
  3. Insurance industry tricks. Beyond the problems at a level you can see, the insurance industry often employs certain tricks and traps to avoid paying more to policyholders than it absolutely must. Because of this, policyholders can run into unfair delays and denials of their condominium claims.

An Experienced Legal Team Can Help Policyholders Weather Unexpected Problems

Many insurance claims for condominium damage can be successfully negotiated by the policyholder, but legal guidance may be necessary when getting a fair resolution becomes challenging. No matter what kinds of issues you are facing in a condominium claim, our experienced policyholder attorneys can help. Reach out to our team today by phone, or tell us more about your concerns using the confidential contact form on this page.

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