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Make Sure There’s a “Before” and “After” in Your Photos of Condominium Damage

You’ve probably heard that it’s a good idea to take photographs of any kind of damage to your condominium, and with smartphones in nearly everyone’s pockets these days, it’s easy to start snapping photos as soon as you recognize there’s something wrong. However, it’s easy to forget to take follow-up photographs as repairs progress in the aftermath, and the lack of context for your photos could lessen their usefulness in your insurance claim later.

Even Rough Organization of Your Damage Photographs Can Make Your Life Easier Later

Whether it’s damage from a storm, a natural disaster, water, or another cause, it is true that photographs can later be an important part of the documentation for your insurance claim. However, to be a truly effective tool, it will help to organize your photographic record into “before” and “after” pictures.

While it may seem like an extreme level of documentation for what could be a straightforward claim, condominium claims are often surprisingly complicated and difficult to navigate. Although it should be a simple matter of filing a claim, condominium owners often find that they need an overwhelming amount of evidence to recover damages for their losses. Alongside formal assessments and adjustor documentation, your own photographs can lack power without some kind of organization and planning. Consider that:

  • Random sets of phone pictures aren’t enough to establish the extent of your losses, and it may be difficult to establish when they were taken.
  • Adjusters need to be able to see the extent of the damage before you began clean-up efforts or repairs.
  • It’s easy to forget which repairs were made if the claims process drags on for months.
  • A simple organization system of dated “before” and “after” pictures will help you document a visual timeline of changes and repairs.

If you need help coordinating assessments, damage documentation, and other evidence for a condominium insurance claim, speak with our team directly, or email us today with your questions and concerns.

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