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Do I have options if the condominium association is ignoring my claims for damage under the master policy?

Although it may feel personal when it happens to you and your family, the truth is that many condominium owners have trouble holding condo associations and management companies responsible for damages. While there can be a lot of confusion about who is responsible for what damages in complex condominium claims, the complexities of these claims don’t always account for the delays and rejections owners run into. Even in cases where the master policy clearly covers the type of damage experienced, condo owners can be ignored, blamed, and left waiting.

Sadly, many condominium owners are left to foot the bills for exterior or communal-area damage that affects their units simply because their condo associations are unresponsive or resistant to filing legitimate claims under the master policy.

Fortunately, you don’t have to accept endless delays, denials, and unreturned phone calls, and it’s likely that you do have options for successfully pursuing your claim. Whether you have made a mistake or simply need to leverage your rights to get a fair outcome, you can fight for the appropriate handling of your damage complaints.

If you are struggling to get anywhere on your own with a claim for condo damage, consider seeking the help of an experienced legal representative. A policyholder attorney can help you understand the policies you carry, understand the master policy carried by the condo association, and walk you through how to take action to get claims paid fairly. To get in contact with our professional legal team, simply call or email our office today. 

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