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Windstorm Certificate Problems Could Cause Insurance Claim Issues for Texas Policyholders

For homes in Corpus Christi and along the coast, windstorm certifications are necessary to ensure that the home can withstand a serious windstorm. Prior to purchasing a home, buyers need to confirm that a coastal home has undergone a windstorm inspection to make sure they can stand up to what Mother Nature may throw their way. 

Hundreds of Corpus Christi residents have recently found out that they received fake certificates, and this issue could cost them thousands of dollars. When the windstorm certificate gets stamped with a seal of approval but the home actually doesn’t have the protection it needs to stand against a fierce storm, it can cause residential insurance claim problems for policyholders. 

When a home has a windstorm certificate but still gets damaged in a storm, it is possible that an insurance company won’t pay the claim. Many Galveston homeowners ran into this issue after Hurricane Ike. Some are still waiting for payments on their Texas residential insurance claims.

An investigation by Corpus Christi Police revealed that “seals were being used by other people that may not be qualified,” according to Police Chief Troy Riggs. The law allows an engineer to appoint someone with no experience or knowledge of the business, just as long as the engineer signs off on it. 

This is a problem that can really hurt homeowners after a storm, and lawmakers are aware of this concern. In fact, the Texas Windstorm Association and the Texas Department of Insurance have reviewed this issue before, but the process of protecting homes against serious storms is still a complicated problem for homeowners. 

However, lawmakers are looking ahead at their 2013 session to address concerns such as windstorm policy rates. Although no changes have been made at this time, legislators are looking to find ways to fund windstorm losses in Texas. Additionally, the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association has begun discussing alternatives to traditional reinsurance, which is backup insurance, before the 2012 hurricane season arrives. They are looking at raising policy rates to cover future windstorm damages.

If your home was damaged in a Corpus Christi windstorm, you may need help getting the fair compensation you deserve from your insurance company. Call a trusted Texas insurance claim attorney for help filing a Texas residential insurance claim. Contact the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 and receive a free legal consultation today.
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