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If a Tree Falls and No One Is Around to Hear it… Am I Covered by My Insurance Policy?

A large tree or tree branch can cause serious damage to your home or outbuildings – falling trees can incur structural damage that requires significant repairs, and your family may even have to relocate while your house is being fixed. But who is responsible for the tree falling, and who is responsible for picking up the tab on the repairs? Most importantly, will your insurance company cover repairs?

Your Insurance Policy & Falling Trees

Generally, most homeowners insurance policies do cover falling trees and branches, but it depends on the circumstances surrounding why the tree fell. For example, here are a few reasons that your insurance company won’t cover a fallen tree:

  • The tree fell because the property owners neglected to care for it despite being aware that it was a danger.
  • The tree was located on another person’s property and the property owner was neglectful of the tree (and aware that the tree needed maintenance). In this case, you insurance company may ask your neighbor’s insurance company to cover the costs of repair.
  • You have not been paying your insurance premiums and therefore are not covered.
  • The fallen tree or branch was an “Act of God,” which is not covered by your insurance policy.

Your insurance policy will likely cover any damage caused by a tree that feel due to high winds, a storm, snow, or ice. It will also likely cover any damage caused by a tree that fell due to age or disease. While your policy will likely cover damage done to your home, your property’s outbuildings, your garage, a shed, or other similar structures, your policy may or may not cover fence damage.

Note: All insurance policies are different. The only way to know for sure if your homeowners insurance policy covers fallen trees and limbs is to carefully read the contract that you signed. If you have a claim denied by your insurance company that you believe is valid, you may wish to speak with an experienced insurance claims attorney about your case.

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