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Filing a Texas Homeowners Insurance Claim During Tornado Season

When a tornado strikes, the first instinct you should have is to get yourself and your family to safety. But what about the aftermath of the storm, when you see the devastating damage to your home and reality sinks in? In Texas, tornados have been known to leave you with wind or hail damage, broken windows, roof damage, wall damage and more. In some severe cases, a tornado can even level a house, as tornados can produce wind speeds as high as 300 mph.

Last April hundreds of people filed tornado damage insurance claims in Mississippi where there was extensive damage to homes. Earlier this year, a tornado displaced hundreds of residents in Missouri and Arkansas, even killing some. Last month, another tornado tore through the town of Clarksville, Texas leaving shingles, wood, and debris all over the scene. Just last week, a tornado destroyed several homes in Tennessee and killed one person. As tornado season in Texas is now upon us, these storm cells will continue to produce devastation and severe damage.

Tornado Season and Property Damage Claims

Not only does a tornado leave a mess that you have to clean up, but you are also left to deal with insurance adjusters during this difficult time. As you are attempting to get your home back to normal, you also need to focus on securing your financial recovery. Insurance adjusters are notorious for not paying the fair value of your Texas tornado claim, as they will try to deny certain property damage claims or settle claims for less than they are worth.

If the insurance company denies your tornado damage claim or gives you a low-ball offer, do not accept it. Call a skilled Texas insurance claim lawyer for help in getting the true value of your claim.

An attorney who is experienced in handling tornado claims can help you get a higher settlement, as we can draw on our experience and experts, including meteorologists, engineers and roof experts. Having a team like this on your side will enable you to battle the insurance company by giving proof that the damage to your property was in fact tornado damage.

A qualified lawyer will be able to investigate your home damage, obtain repair estimates, file your claim with the proper documentation, or even appeal your denied tornado damage claim. A claim can be extremely extensive, including a detailed inventory of your damaged personal belongings. You don't want to lose out on money because you may not be aware of the proper steps to take when filing a tornado damage claim with your insurer. Call our skilled Texas insurance claim attorneys at the Voss Law Firm today 888-614-7730 for a free legal consultation.

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