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Long Delays Make Hurricane Recovery Difficult for Many Damaged Churches

While the initial damage of a hurricane can be a devastating sight for church policyholders and their congregations, the most difficult part of recovering from a hurricane can be the long wait for the funds needed to make repairs and really recover. Church policyholders can wait for many months—or sometimes several years—for a resolution to their insurance claims, and it isn’t always clear why they’ve been left on hold while their churches sit empty.

Churches Can Wait for Months on End to Resolve a Claim for Hurricane Losses

When a hurricane makes landfall and damages a city, region, or large swaths of coastline, policyholders of all kinds can have a long wait on their hands until they see recovery. Contractors and adjusters may be spread thin with numerous claims to attend to, which can slow down a church’s ability to get needed estimates and documentation. Additionally, when large areas are affected, insurance companies may be even more likely to try to minimize policyholder claims, and the long wait can pressure policyholders to accept less.

If you feel like you and your congregation have been trapped in an endless wait for an insurance payment that never comes, then it’s time to take action and start moving your claim forward.

How to Take Action When a Hurricane Insurance Claim Has Been Delayed

If you are having trouble resolving a claim from Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Ike, or another storm, don’t wait any longer to get answers. You can work with an attorney who specifically deals with these kinds of delays and denial from insurers to get the answers you need and move forward. If you’re ready to take action today, our experienced team of policyholder attorneys is standing by at 888-614-7730 to help you take control of your claim.

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