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Do You Know What to Do with a Denied Insurance Claim?

After a disaster such as a tornado, wildfire, or hurricane caused damage to your home, you may have taken a lot of time to take photographs of your damaged or destroyed home and property as well as made lists or gathered receipts for your missing or damaged personal belongings. The process for submitting your insurance claim seemed frustrating and overwhelming, but you managed to give the insurance company everything they asked for.

During this time, you even took careful, detailed notes, kept copies of everything you gave the insurance adjuster, and kept phone logs of whom you talked with at the insurance company. Although the process was time consuming and stressful, it seemed like your Texas residential insurance claim was on its way to getting paid.

Then, all of a sudden, you find out your insurance claim has been denied. You may feel angry or cheated and want to know why the insurer denied your insurance claim. 

What to Do When Your Insurance Claim is Denied

Make sure you ask the insurance adjuster the reason for the claim denial. It is critical that you understand this reason. Ask them to put the reason for your denied insurance claim in writing and send you a letter. After you receive the reason for the denial, check your insurance policy for the appropriate areas to make sure your insurance denial is accurate. 

If you can tell why your residential insurance claim was denied unfairly, then you can dispute their decision. For instance, if the reason the insurance company gives you for your denied insurance claim does not reflect the facts of your claim, dispute it. 

However, after reviewing your policy and the reasoning for your denial you still cannot determine if the insurance company wrongly denied your claim or made a mistake, then you should talk with an insurance claim attorney. Remember, insurance companies have been known to make mistakes or deny claims in order to save money at your expense. 

You insurance company may have acted in bad faith and wrongfully denied your insurance claim. A skilled Texas insurance lawyer will be able to determine if your insurance company was acting in bad faith. Call the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 for a free consultation today, and make sure you request a free copy of our book, Disputes With Your Insurance Company, What All Consumers Need to Know.

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