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A Litigation Firm Is Often Best Able To Enforce A Contract

You own a business and one of your contracts has been breached, that means you need a contracts attorney, right? Not necessarily.

Attorneys that practice 'contract law' are very good at setting up contracts, but they may not have any experience in litigation. Who you probably need is a trial lawyer, someone who knows how to navigate the court system successfully to protect your interests. Unfortunately, so much of the trial process is procedure and not fact specific. You may have great facts, but if your lawyer misses a key procedural deadline, those facts will never see the light of day. Successful trial lawyers are aggressive. The other side needs to know that your lawyer believes in your case. Nothing tells opposing counsel that your claim is worth money more than a dedicated and aggressive attorney on your side. Your law firm can’t just be confident in the facts of your case, but also in their own ability to properly present those facts throughout the litigation process and ultimately to a jury. When you are looking for a law firm to protect your interests in a commercial debt dispute, make sure to find out about their court room experience. Many clients err in hiring a lawyer simply by not asking enough questions at the outset.

At The Voss Law Firm, we are aggressive trial attorneys. We have several years of experience both on the defense and plaintiff’s side. Call us today for an evaluation of your rights. We pride ourselves on teaching our clients not about why they should hire us, but rather about their claim, their rights, and the prevailing law on the issues at hand.

Did you know that if your contract is not valid, you may still have legal rights. If you have already made several attempts to collect on bad debt, and you are concerned that your contract may not provide the protection you hope, you may still have options. The law understands that written language cannot always close every loophole. Maybe your adversary is taking advantage of a loophole in your contract right now. It may not be too late, other remedies may be available.

Depending on the facts of your case, you may have several different viable claims available to bring against the individual or company that owes you money. These include fraud, quantum meruit, deceptive trade practices among others. Furthermore, if your adversary claims that the contract does not require payment, it may be that you were not given proper notice. In order for someone to anticipatorily breach a contract, certain requirements must be met. If your adversary has not fulfilled these requirements, they may not be able to hide behind anticipatory breach.

Don’t let the other company control the argument. Before you give in to unreasonable demands, talk to an attorney who can advise you of your rights under the law. Here at The Voss Law Firm we can help you protect your business and arm you with the information you need to hold your ground. Once vendors or suppliers know you can be pushed around, you run the risk of endangering the viability of your business. We won’t let that happen to you.

If No Recovery No Fee Guarenteed

The Voss Law Firm, P.C. represents clients on a local, national and international basis. We proudly serve companies and individuals along the Gulf Coast and around the globe on a contingency fee basis. Our law firm collects nothing unless we recover on our client's behalf.

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