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Municipal Policyholders Can Fight Unfair Tornado Claim Denials—With a Little Help

Tornados threaten governmental organizations and municipalities across the United States, and most of these policyholders are aware of what will be needed to file their insurance claims and help their communities recover. However, most of these large governmental policyholders are also unprepared for a potential claim denial after a weather disaster has done extensive damage.

Unfortunately, claim denials are something that government entities experience—even though it seems unthinkable. It isn’t always easy to get the resolution you need after a city or county experienced extensive tornado losses or explain delays to the community that depends on you. However, it is possible for municipalities to fight back against unfair denials and get on with their tornado recovery.

Governmental Tornado Claim Denials Aren’t Like Other Denials

Unlike homeowner insurance claims, municipal or governmental claims can affect a large number of people and public services. While communities rely on swift recovery at the city, county, or state level to move on with their own lives, unfair delays and denials of municipal claims inhibit everyone’s recovery—whether they are homeowners, business owners, or governmental policyholders. Governmental or municipal tornado insurance claims can be much more complicated than other kinds of claims, and there is often much more at stake. Governmental and municipal policyholders can’t give up on a claim just because it becomes difficult or there is a disagreement with the insurance company.

Getting Help to Fight for Your Policyholder Rights in a Large Governmental Tornado Insurance Claim

Because governmental claims are so different, policyholders should turn to experienced legal help when problems arise. Even if you don’t need to move to litigation to resolve your claim, an attorney who has guided other schools, cities, and large public organizations through similar issues will be able to get to the root of a denial and help you pursue effective options.

At the Voss Law Firm, our legal team assists governments and municipal entities with concerns their about tornado insurance claims and disaster recovery, including questions about fighting claim denials. To learn more about how we can help you take control of a difficult claim, contact our office today at 888-614-7730.


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