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The Best Way to Fight Insurance Claim Denials Over Property Damage

At some point, nearly every homeowner and business owner finds himself or herself fighting with their insurance companies over property damage that was caused by a natural disaster, such as hail, wind, or wind-driven water from storm surges. This is especially true for those owners of residential and commercial businesses along the Gulf Coast or anywhere in coastal areas.

Why the Fighting Happens

People purchase insurance to financially protect themselves, their homes and businesses, and their belongings in the event of a disaster—when help is needed the most. However, many homeowners and commercial building owners along the Gulf Coast of Texas have been denied coverage from their insurance companies. There have even been many homes located inland that have suffered wind damage during fierce storms, but insurance companies will try to use disclaimers about flooding to get out of paying for such insurance claims.

It is unconscionable during such a time of need that many insurance companies will find some sort of disclaimer to cite for denial, or they blame the property damage on something else, such as flooding, which is not covered under a basic policy. They do this in order to deny many insurance claims—choosing profits over helping their clients. The truth of the matter is that insurance companies like collecting money—not paying out claims.

These bad faith practices by many insurance companies rightfully cause many policyholders to get angry and fight back to get coverage that they justly deserve. The sad fact is that insurance companies don’t want to pay their policyholders and they will cut corners anywhere they can to save a dime.

How to Fight Back

If you have been unfairly denied insurance coverage or have been underpaid on your insurance claim, you may be too angry or hurt to even deal with the insurance company on your own. Sometimes it is best to turn your claim over to a qualified Houston insurance claim attorney to fight your battle for you. Lawyers experienced in negotiating with insurance companies regarding property damage claims know if you are being denied unfairly or if your claim is being underpaid.

Our property insurance litigation attorneys in Texas have successfully represented hundreds of policyholders—homeowners, business owners, condominium owners—who have been unfairly denied wind and hail claims, fire claims, theft claims, and other property damage claims. Call the Voss Law Firm today for a free consultation to find out about your rights at 888-614-7730, and also get a free copy of attorney Bill Voss’s book: Top 10 Mistakes You Cannot Afford to Make When Filing Your Insurance Claim.

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