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5 Ways to Protect the Intellectual Property of Your Business

What makes your business different from all others? One of the most important things your business owns is its intellectual property:  The things you have invented, the materials you have created, the trade secrets you have protected, and the brand you have built.

How can you prevent these things from being used by your competition, sold by others, or even utilized to harm your brand?

5 Ways to Protect Your Brand

  1. Patent your ideas and inventions. Did your company invent something recently – whether it is a product you sell, an internal product, or even a brand new idea? Make sure that you get credit by registering for a patent.
  2. Copyright your original material. Does your company create original content as part of your business, or do you produce original content for marketing purposes? Make sure that no one can steal your creations by fully understanding copyright law.
  3. Trademark your brand and logos. You must protect your brand. Trademarking your name, logo, and other aspects of your brand can help prevent other companies from using your success to profit.
  4. Protect your trade secrets. Do you have a special process for making your product? Or a client list that has taken years to develop? These trade secrets are illegal for others to steal, including former and current employees. Knowing trade secret law can help you protect your information from competitors.
  5. Consider nondisclosure agreements. One way to protect trade secrets is through nondisclosure agreements. These contracts can ensure that your employees don’t utilize your trade secrets and other confidential information, either while they are working for you or after they have left their position.

When it comes to intellectual property, it is always smarter to protect what is yours before there is an issue. Getting a Texas business attorney to make sure your property is safe from competitor use is less expensive and less troubling than getting an attorney only after your property has been stolen. Take the steps to protect your intellectual property today by calling our offices: 888-614-7730.

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