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Getting the Best Compensation in Your Lightning Insurance Claim

For many people lightning storms are beautiful to watch from far away; however, if lightning strikes your home, it won’t be a pretty sight. When lightning strikes a home, people inside that house learn very quickly how loud and frightening it is as well as how dangerous lightning can be. Some people who have been in a home hit by lightning have said it sounded as if an explosion had gone off in their homes.

Because lighting is powerful and dangerous, it can damage a home. Lightning damages can include:

  • Roof damage from fallen trees that were struck by lighting 
  • Fires may start from lightning bolts that contain heat up to 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Structural and foundation damage that takes place from the shaking that occurs in the explosion-like situation
  • Electrical damage from the power surges caused by the lightning strike
  • Appliance damage from a lightning-induced electrical surge
  • Other property damage, such as broken windows

According to the insurance industry, approximately 6.5% of property claims are related to lightning strikes. Most lighting strikes enter homes through the electrical systems – burning out circuit boards and destroying electrical systems. Power surges following a lightning strike are more common than fires; however, fires can occur in the walls of a home or in the attic, making it difficult to notice a fire until it’s too late.    

Lightning strikes can cause many unseen damages that result in issues later on. For instance, lightning can damage water lines, sprinkler systems, and even the foundation. However, insurance adjusters will often not inspect things he or she can’t see. For this reason, it is critical to talk with an experienced insurance claim lawyer to make sure you have someone on your side inspecting your home to learn about everything that was damaged in the lightning strike. 

It is also important to get an insurance attorney involved in your lightning insurance claim because most of the time the insurance company will provide you with a lower offer than what your damages are worth. This is why it is vital to talk with a lawyer and get a professional to inspect your home for both the visible and unseen damages. Only then will you know a true cost estimate to repair your home and what you should get from the insurance company. 

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