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When Plummeting Hail Ruins Your Roof, a Texas First-Party Insurance Lawyer Is Here to Help

Powerful hailstorms, accompanied by heavy rain and strong winds, can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. When large stones fall from the sky and land on roofs of homes and businesses, valued property is damaged. 

A recent hailstorm in Texas is just one example of the amount of property damages that can occur when hail plummets from the sky. Homes and businesses sustained broken windows, siding damage, and roof damage. One of the most frightening facts about hail is that roof damage is not always visible. While people can hear windows breaking and see siding damage, most people cannot tell if their roofs are damaged. Without water leaking in, how can a person determine if a roof needs to be repaired or replaced?

Dents from hail can sometimes be difficult to see, and shingles may lay flat in appearance but may be loose. Unfortunately, hail and wind damage have ruined many roofs in the following ways:

  • Wind can lift shingles and make them loose
  • Hail can crack shingles and make the roof less secure against wind and rain
  • Hail can loosen and destroy protective granules, allowing water to penetrate 

When these things occur, a roof can even be ripped away in the next powerful storm. To avoid water damage inside your structure, and to prevent a roof from being blown away, it is critical that homeowners and business owners have their roofs inspected after a Texas hailstorm. Many roofers will provide you with free estimates, and it is a good idea to get at least two professionals to look at your roof before you contact the insurance company. This way you will have a good idea of the extent of roofing damage the hailstorm caused.

If roof damage isn’t obvious, insurance adjusters may deny your insurance claim or undervalue your claim. This is why it is in your best interest to contact an attorney who can make sure the right roofing expert is there when your insurance adjuster inspects your property, in order to point out damage to the protective layer of granules and shingles that may be hidden upon first glance. 

Taking prompt action and talking with a qualified Texas first-party insurance lawyer can mean the difference of you getting a new roof or sustaining more property damage in the next storm. Contact the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 for a free, no-obligation consultation today to find out your legal options, and also request a free copy of our book, Top 10 Mistakes You Cannot Afford to Make When Filing Your Insurance Claim.

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