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Hurricanes Cause Big Losses and Complicated Marine Insurance Claims

Hurricanes are complicated storms that are usually followed by complicated insurance claims from businesses and individuals alike. When many people picture hurricane damage, they think of collapsed buildings, downed trees, and wet basements, but marine policy holders know that some of the biggest damages from a hurricane are inflicted on the coastal structures and seafaring vessels they depend on to operate. And, even though they carry marine insurance coverage for just these kinds of events, they often have trouble getting their insurance companies to take their damage claims seriously.

Marine Business Owners Deal With Multi-Faceted Damages After a Hurricane

Despite the precautions you take to protect your marine business, damages from a hurricane can cause big losses, including:

  • Property damage to vessels and cargo. Although much time may be put into securing a ship before a storm, vessels have little protection from the violence of the wind and water. Ships are often lost or damaged, and cargo may be partially or completely destroyed.
  • Closure of important ports. Ports are often closed in anticipation of or as a result of a hurricane or tropical storm. These closures can seriously affect marine businesses, even in areas where the storm doesn’t eventually make landfall.
  • Liability. When you are liable for the losses you sustain in a hurricane or weather event, there is no room for delays or denials from your marine insurance company. Poor handling of liability issues after marine losses can severely damage a company’s image and business prospects.

Getting Help With Marine Insurance Claims After Hurricane Losses

An experienced policyholder attorney can work by your side to make sure you get what you need from your marine insurance coverage after a severe weather event. For more information or for immediate help with a complicated marine claim, simply call or email our office directly. You may also want to request your free copy of our go-to book, Your Basic Guide to Marine Insurance.

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