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Do You Have a Legal Claim Against Goldline? Learn About the Different Types of Coin Fraud Claims.

Collecting rare coins and investing in gold can be a wise decision to make as part of your investment portfolio; however, if you have been taken advantage of by fraudulent dealers and companies, you may have lost most of the money you invested. You should consider speaking with a knowledgeable coin fraud attorney to file a rare coin fraud claim or a class action lawsuit and recover your lost savings.

One company that is receiving a lot of consumer complaints is Goldline International, Inc. If you have purchased rare and gold bullion coins from Goldline, you may have a fraud claim against the company, as many people do. Goldline has been under investigation by a U.S. congressional committee, the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) bureau of consumer protection, and local officials in California, as the company is based in Santa Monica. The company has been criticized for their high markups and sales tactics.

Some consumers have said they were lied to or received something different than what they thought they ordered, bringing claims against Goldline for fraud and unethical business practices. Other claims against Goldline include:

Overcharging for gold bullion coins and high markups on numismatic gold coins. Some of the most common types of gold bullion coins that were sold at Goldline include the American Gold Eagle coin, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin, and South Africa's Krugerrand gold coin. Claims of finding these coins cheaper on their competitors' websites have surfaced. In addition, Goldline allegedly sold a common European coin such as and the 20 Franc French Rooster, which is not rare, as a numismatic coin.

Falsely offering "good" investments. Because Goldline has been accused of selling gold at nearly twice the melt value, claims that consumers won't break even unless the price of gold doubles in value have been filed against the company.

Salespeople falsely giving financial advice. Salespeople have misrepresented their position and have offered financial investment advice to consumers. However, since they are not licensed investment advisors, claims have been brought forward about whether they should have been allowed to give investment advice.

Playing on fears that the government will confiscate gold. Goldline has played on the fear of inflation and that the U.S. government will repeat what supposedly took place during the Great Depression regarding seizing gold bullion.

If you have been taken advantage of by a fraudulent coin dealer, you need to get more information on rare coin fraud litigation. Contact the Voss Law Firm and speak with a knowledgeable Texas coin fraud attorney regarding your legal rights. You can reach our office at 888-614-7730.
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